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Welcome to JingleSong, your source for the missing ingredient in your advertising package: a memorable, catchy, can't get it out of your head jingle!

Melodies and heartfelt performances are what set JingleSong productions apart. Our clients continue to use our custom jingles year after year, because they are built on a 'song' platform with legitimate musical performances that stand on their own.  And because.....they work!  What can JingleSong do for you? Let's get started....

JingleSong has the very latest in cutting edge music software and digital recording equipment, and we know how to use it!  Although we have the technology to create any mood or style, most of the examples you're about to hear are based on more traditional song structures.  You will hear memorable melodies based on client company names and slogans, delivered by singers who sound like they actually care what they're singing about.   

How many times have you heard a jingle or soundtrack to a TV commercial that sounded good, but you can't remember what the commercial was about?  Noone ever walked down the street humming a drum loop.  They can walk down the street humming your company's name.  That's what you want from your advertising dollars, and that's what JingleSong does best!  You'll see what we mean after you click on just a few examples.  Check them out now!

You can reach us at 970-510-5099. We look forward to hearing from you. You can also contact us at our e-mail address: info@jinglesong.com.

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